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Raw materials for preparing magnesia carbon bricks

2024-01-01 11:43:11

The raw material for preparing magnesia-carbon bricks is fused magnesia with a MgO content of 98%, magnesia-carbon bricks are characterized by their low porosity, slag erosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and high high temperature strength.They are mainly used in basic oxygen furnaces, ladle slag lines and electric arc furnace hot spots. Magnesia carbon brick is a high-quality refractory material. Their main components are magnesium oxide and carbon, where the magnesium oxide content is 60-90% and the carbon content is 10-40%. This material is made of high-purity magnesium oxide particles, carbon material, tar, pitch or resin baked at high temperature. These magnesia refractory bricks have the characteristics of slag corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity and so on.

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Magnesia carbon brick is an unburned carbon composite refractory material, which is made of high melting point (2800 ℃) basic oxide magnesium oxide and high melting point carbon material. The material is difficult to attack by slag, and various non-oxide additives and carbon binders are added.

As a composite refractory material, magnesia-carbon brick effectively utilizes the strong slag corrosion effect of magnesium, effectively improves the thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon, and makes up for the disadvantage of poor spalling resistance of magnesium. Magnesia-carbon bricks are mainly used in converters, electric arc furnaces, linings of DC electric arc furnaces, ladle slag lines and other parts.