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Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia carbon bricks are mainly used in the lining of converters, AC electric arc furnaces, DC electric arc furnaces, and slag lines of ladles in the steelmaking industry.

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Product Details
Magnesia Carbon Brick has excellent resistance to spalling, rust and excellent oxidation resistance. It can be used in electric furnaces, the second ladle, etc., and is widely popular in the steelmaking industry. It uses high-purity, high-density, molten large crystalline magnes

m oxide and high-purity graphite as the main raw materials, adding an appropriate amount of antioxidants, and using a high-pressure molding process, using phenolic resin as a binder. This product is mainly used in the converter lining, which is in direct contact with molten steel and molten slag. It has the advantages of high strength, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock stability and high refractoriness.


Magnesia Carbon Brick has proper residual expansion, low thermal conductivity and better insulation performance than magnesium aluminum carbon brick. The performance of magnesium aluminum carbon brick is between magnesium carbon and aluminum magnesium carbon. It belongs to high melting point basic oxide material, which has high heat resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance and low creep under high temperature. This brick has been used in the ladle refining slag line and has achieved good results. It is also used in the lining part of AC electric arc furnace, DC electric arc furnace, converter and other components.


Magnesia Carbon Brick has the following applications:

-EAF(Electrick arc furnace)


-Basic oxygen furnace


MgO and carbon content range from 84% to 90%

Widely used throughout metallurgical industry

Physical And Chemical Indicators

Converter Refractories

QualityMgO (%)C (%)CCS (Mpa)A.P (%)B.D (g/cc)
Mag-C THB-97/0184.3510.1840.33.23.01
Mag-C THS-97/0184.0010.0040.03.53

Ladle Refractories

BrandSafety liningBottomBottom (Impact Zone)SlagzoneFree boardMetal zone
Chemical Composition (%)AL2O3

Fixed Carbon
Apparent Porosity(%)20.00≤8.00≤8.004.00;≤4.005.00
Bulk Density (g/cm3)≥2.95≥3.10≥3.10≥3.00≥3.00≥3.02
Cold Crushing Strength(MPa)≥50≥40≥40≥35≥35≥35

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Our company has advanced management experience, production process and quality control means to ensure the provision of high-quality Magnesite Carbon Bricks for Ladle or Converter/ MGO-C Bricks for domestic and foreign customers. We warmly welcome you to definitely call us to begin discussions on how we can easily bring this into being. We have formed a technical system with independent intellectual property rights as the core.

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